The Homegym Cometh

After viewing 50+ houses, (un)successfully buying one house and then pulling out of negotiations on another one, it looks like we’ve finally found a place that is going to work out. It’s a great house that has almost all of the features we were looking for. Most importantly for me, there’s more than adequate space for building my home gym. There’s also plenty of driveway space for dragging the sled around.

The biggest question will be whether I use the 2+ garage or the finished basement. Pros of the basement include consistent temps, full bathroom, lighting/electrical, and all the other creature comforts that come with a gym inside the home. Benefits of the garage would be that we’d free up more space in the house (probably not necessary), no worries about ceiling heights, more freedom to drill into walls/floors, and likely a greater ability to hang stuff from the ceiling.

I’ve pretty much all-but-decided to primarily get gear from Rogue Fitness. I can’t say enough good things about that company. American made, fair prices, solid gear… Plus, they cater towards garage setups and small gyms, so most of their racks are built to serve many purposes.

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