Simple Pushing and Pulling Routines with a Rogue Dog Sled

I’ve had the Rogue Fitness Dog Sled for a few weeks now and, despite it being December in Michigan, I’ve been able to get out and play around with it a handful of times. When my youngest brother is home from school it’s a fun thing for us to push and pull around outside. Here’s the routine we’ve been using:

Warm-ups (BW squats, pushups, and sandbag tosses)

A. Push the loaded sled (with 140lbs added) approximately 50-60 yards. These should be sprints. We run right after eachother, but when I’m alone I’ll give myself a 60 second rest in between. Repeat 5 times.

B. Lay down, try not to puke, and catch breath. Approximately 5 minutes.

Using a loaded sled (my brother stands on it for my runs as well) and a TRX attached to the tow hook:

C1. Pull the sled, facing forward, handles against the chest.

C2. Pull the sled in reverse, arms extended.

C3. Row the sled in reverse by walking out until arms are extended and the TRX ropes are taut and then “row” it towards you without moving from that position.

All of the pulling/rowing is done for approximately 20-25 yards. Rest period is based on the time it takes the next person to go through all three movements. We repeat this three times.

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